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And fear not: wedding thank you cards don’t have to be long—they just have to sound like you mean it.Dear Preston and Cristina, Thank you so much for attending our wedding!

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It was such a delight to see you after all these years.Full stop, when it comes to setting up a time and space in which to craft these little missiles of gratitude, it is hyper important to remember that this is the responsibility of both partners—not just one of you (one of you with lady parts).I am truly not interested in whether or not one of you have bad handwriting or just don’t like to write, because you both got married, and you both saw people there, and you both are hella enjoying that blender, right? (Actually, I don’t even care if you’re both enjoying the blender or not.You still both have to participate.) And really, your partner shouldn’t just pick up the pen and writes the notes you tell them to write.They should really try to pick up some of the emotional load, too.We wanted to take a moment to send you the warmest well wishes and let you know how happy we were to see you there.

With gratitude, Rory and Logan Dear Britney and Christina, We are so sorry you weren’t able to make it to our wedding. We wanted to make sure we let you know how much we love your gift, and we thank you for sending it.

This worksheet then can be easily shared not only with teachers, but parents, babysitters, paraprofessionals, substitutes and anyone else who is significant to the individual with autism.

There is a similar but slightly different worksheet for school (teacher/student) and home (parent/child).

Thank you again for joining in the celebration of our marriage.

With gratitude, Lorelai and Luke Dear Lexie and Mark, Thank you for coming to our wedding!

With gratitude, Justin and JC Stephanie is a photographer, writer, and Ravenclaw living in California with her family.