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Employees do not live inside the zone, but work shifts there.

In November 1986, control over activities in the zone was given to the new production association Kombinat.

area of a 30-kilometre radius from Reactor 4 as the designated evacuation area.

The 30 km Zone was initially divided into three subzones: the area immediately adjacent to Reactor 4, an area of approximately 10 km radius from the reactor and the remaining 30 km zone.

This article is about the restricted area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

For information about the disaster of 26 April 1986, see Chernobyl disaster.

On 15 December 2000 all nuclear power production at the power plant was ceased after an official ceremony with then President Leonid Kuchma when the last remaining operational reactor, number 3, was shut down.

After recurrent attempts at expulsion, the authorities became reconciled to their presence and have allowed them limited supporting services.

Its amenities include administrative buildings, general stores, a canteen, a hotel, and a bus station.

Unlike other areas within the exclusion zone, Chernobyl town is actively maintained by workers, such as lawn areas being mowed and autumn leaves being collected.

Other workers commute into the zone daily from Slavutych.

The duration of shifts is counted strictly for reasons involving pension and healthcare.

Everyone employed in the Zone is monitored for internal bio-accumulation of radioactive elements.

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