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This would consolidate the strength of the banking industry and enhance its ability to self-bailout in case of a crisis.On the proposed East African Monetary Union (EAMU), the PM said that recent reforms in Tanzania’s financial sector had placed the country in a better position for financial integration.

His final project focused on molecular spectroscopy applied to the analysis of works of art in the group of Raman spectroscopy.

The total assets of banks had risen significantly from an average of 6% of GDP in the early 1990s, to above 40% of GDP currently.

Warning to foreign traders The government has issued a warning to foreign traders doing small business in Tanzania without following procedures.

One of the requirements for a foreigner to do business in the country is that he should have a minimal capital of 0,000.

Some foreigners are said to be entering the country for work on the mines or on major projects but later moving into petty trading in Kariakoo market in Dar es Salaam.

The Guardian has reported that there has been an increase of shopkeepers of Chinese origin at several business centres in the city which were adversely affecting local businesses.

However former Industry, Trade and Marketing Minister Dr Mary Nagu she said this was due to globalisation.

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His research is based on pattern recognition applied to the identification of artistic materials, crucial in the conservation, restoration and authentication of art works.

Threfore, it combines his passion for astronomy working on Gaia and for art in the UPC.

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