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With this article I will try to break through the void of knowledge and share my review of the most popular markers found all over the world.This is not a commercial ad and I was not sponsored by any of the mentioned brands.

Pros: great tip quality, great colour and ink flow, refillable, widely available.Cons: quality of the tip, pale colours (black is not impressive) that may fade over time, one of the smelliest if you are concerned. Cons: one of the smelliest, poor quality of the tip, very limited colour range, not easily available, not refillable, has some ergonomics issues, colour is sometimes unstable (especially the black one).The parameters were assessed on the set of markers of 9 different brands that are the most common to find around the globe.Whatever type of whiteboard you use, Artline has everything you need.From a wide choice of Artline Whiteboard markers and Magnetic Erasers to Whiteboard Cleaning fluid and starter kits; our products are perfect for the classroom and office alike.Cons: smelly, pricey, not refillable, has some ergonomics issues.

Pros: is the least smelly, fantastic ergonomics, great ink flow, refillable (at least was designed to be so), there is grey colour available.Further, this summary overviews nine brands only, there are many more brands available on various markets.Since this article is truly a very long read and you need to be somewhat nerdy about markers (just like me) to read it in its entirety.” then you can read this section only and maybe later look into the below high-level overview each of the markers.You might arbitrary review other sections when you have more time and in any order you prefer, it does not really matter as long as you enjoy the read.While assessing the markers under consideration I am only sharing my own experience and opinion and all the conclusions drawn should be treated as such.