Australian christian dating online

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Australian christian dating online

It changed my perceptions of God, the Church, Christians and what it meant to have Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.I found people who celebrated their love of God, who loved life and lived it to the full.

Click here dating matchmaking site on own unique top-rated apps.The new Federal Council will be set up as a limited company to provide an appropriate, nationally recognised legal framework for the new entity.It is planned that this new shape for Churches of Christ nationally will be implemented from July 1, 2008. Churches of Christ should only continue as a distinct Christian movement in Australia if we have something significant and distinctive to contribute to the Mission of God in action in the Australian community.Regular forums will be held to promote and maintain our national identity.A new constitution for what will be known as the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (Ltd) is being sent to all State governing bodies for their approval.That rich heritage will give us a relevant, united witness in our world.

I believe that those values discernible from our heritage provide us something significant to offer the future of Christian life and witness and, more importantly, contemporary Australian society, as we seek to engage - with integrity and authenticity - in the Mission of God as we understand it. Nearly fifty years ago I attended a large secondary school in Perth before entry into Teachers College.I have the perspective of a 37 year old women who has spent the last twenty years in this movement.The day I initially encountered Churches of Christ changed my life.The school principal conducted a full assembly once a week during which he encouraged and cajoled the 2000 students to strive to achieve.His oft repeated challenge to us went something like this, Are you worthy of your heritage? What he was asking us to do was to live up to the examples set for us by those who had gone through that school in previous years.Following extensive research and consultation, National Council agreed to a new shape for the work of national Churches of Christ at its recent meeting in Sydney.

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