Be2 dating site contact number

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Be2 dating site contact number

The charges due, the scope of the services and the relevant payment methods applicable are explained during the purchase of the paid service.

The services offered by be2 include the following (see also "3.

During registration, the customer selects a user name by which he/she will be introduced to the other be2 customers and a personal password.

Alternatively, the customer may be automatically allocated a "code" by be2 instead of a personally selected user name.

For the purposes of calculating this contractually stipulated period, the word "month" does not mean a calendar month but the period between a specific calendar day and the same day of the following month (e.g. Where the final month of a period calculated on a monthly basis lacks the relevant day, the period ends at the end of the final day of this month (e.g.

a three-month period starting on 30 November ends on 28 February of the following year)..

Where a customer responds to the contact request of another customer, this is also deemed to be "establishing contact" within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions.

The communication between the be2 customers takes place over be2's internal communication system.

(2) Direct contact is only established between be2 customers following mutual agreement (see 3. be2 is therefore not liable in the event that no such contact is established within the duration of the agreement.

However, be2 endeavors to mediate contact between the be2 customers by providing the technological means to this end.(3) be2 is not liable for the misuse of data and information as the possibility exists, despite its explicit prohibition (see also "6.

In such an event, any amount up to €350 already paid to be2 will not be refunded but retained as a penalty.

be2 also reserves the express right to demand a flat-rate penalty of up to €350 from customers who have paid no amount or an amount lower than €350.

the other be2 customers who have been recommended to him/her.

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