Bind dynamically updating a zone

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Additionally, modern content protection schemes demand a high degree of confidentiality, requiring stricter guarantees than those offered by the “regular” operating system.

What’s more, as the current security state is accessible on the system bus, peripherals on the So C can be designated to either world by simply sampling this value. This allows for the execution of different operating system kernels simultaneously - one running in the “Secure World” (S-EL1), while another runs in the “Normal World” (EL1).

However, the world-split is not entirely symmetrical; for example, the hypervisor extensions (EL2) are not available in the “Secure World”.

On Android devices, Trust Zone technology is used among other things to implement small “security-conscious” operating systems within which a set of trusted applications (TAs) may be executed.

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly privacy-sensitive platform.

Nowadays, devices process a wide range of personal and private information of a sensitive nature, such as biometric identifiers, payment data and cryptographic keys.

As such, the logical first step to assessing the security of the TEEs would be to get a foothold within the TEE itself.

To do so, we’ll need to find a vulnerability in a trusted application and exploit it to gain code execution.Each physical processor is split into two virtual processors, one for each of the aforementioned contexts.As its name implies, the “Secure World” must remain protected against any attacks launched by the “Normal World”.What’s more, in a recent positive trend of increased transparency, Qualcomm has Now that we’ve acquired the tools needed to inspect the trusted applications, we can proceed on to the next step - acquiring the trustlet images (from a firmware image or from the device), converting them to a standard format, and loading them up in a disassembler.To allow for increased flexibility, modern TEEs are designed to be modular, rather than monolithic chunks of code.Bearing all this in mind, how can we start analysing the trusted applications in either of these platforms?

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