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By leveraging our expertise, our resources, and our worldwide brand network, we are developing solutions that will help farmers feed the world’s population – now and in the future.AGCO's 2016 Annual Report Inspired strategy, relentless research and development and deep insights on a local level allow AGCO to provide farms of any size with the innovative solutions they need to succeed by solving their farming challenges.

You may enter Zimbabwe on a single entry visa and then obtain a Multiple Entry Visa from the town office - but this may take up to 7 working days to be issued.

The current charge for a single entry Zimbabwe visa issued on arrival is US$ 55 and US$ 70 for a Double Entry Zimbabwe visa, although this could change at any stage.

If you have not obtained a Zimbabwe visa before travelling, you should bring enough cash with you to pay for your visa on arrival - (no credit/debit cards or cheques).

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This will save considerable time, money and space in yoru passport.

If you are not visiting both countries then it is cheaper to just get the single entry visa.

Our Commitment Connected Services is AGCO's approach to the agricultural industry, delivering technology products and services.

Fuse enables better business decision making, reduced maintenance and entry costs, and improved performance.

Visitors are currently being given entry permission for anything up to 90 days but you are strongly advised to check that the number of days given at the port of entry covers your intended period of stay, although you can apply to have this period renewed and extended if required.

USA Passport Holders You need a Zimbabwe visa to visit Zimbabwe, this can be obtained from the Zimbabwe Embassy in the United States or on arrival in Zimbabwe.

(If the UNIVISA is obtained at Victoria Falls and you cross over to Zimbabwe at Kariba or Chirundu or vice versa the visa shall be valid) It also covers those who visit Botswana for day trips through the Kazangula Borders – it will not be valid if staying in Botswana overnight, in this case you would need to purchase a new Visa.