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If you play 3 or 4 times per week or work out daily, you’re going to be in pretty good shape for the weekend.

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While some of these things may be correct, often we pick up bad habits from these folks that actually hinder our game. We see too many players come to camp, learn a new skill, and try to execute it too fast.However, you may have a goal that is not on the curriculum.If this is the case, be sure to talk to a coach about your goal.We love putting these camps on, primarily because we get to hang out with so many great hockey people, who have have such an incredible passion for this game.My staff and I get immense satisfaction from watching players progress from Thursday evening through Sunday morning. We especially love it when a player has a “light bulb moment”, suddenly getting something he or she never did before.In some cases, these are things that you can get help with off the ice.

If so, there are lots of opportunities over the course of the weekend to discuss these matters with members of our staff.

Some players leave it completely blank, while others make a list of 10 or more things they want to learn.

Our suggestion is that you think about 1 or 2 or possibly 3 things that you really want to improve. Some may be covered as part of our regular curriculum.

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Our camp season kicks off next week, and we are so excited to hit the road and spend time with our Warrior faithful, one city at a time.

But often they are things that need to be learned on the ice.

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