Caucasion producers interracial dating

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WE are your brother and sister in Christ, whether you want to see us in that way or not based on my skin. Doesn’t that seem contrary to the Kingdom of God and everything that Jesus taught?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to preference.

The Church (as I know you are aware) is under attack on all sides as it’s always been by the wiles of the enemy and we have much bigger problems and bigger fish to fry than a few white dudes married to some “sisters”.

People should really do their homework when they come for this community, because I find that you folks are truly galvanized to protect what’s yours!!

After the disaster of an interview with the “Reverend” Jesse Peterson and his screeching, bigoted caller, you all wrote in to ask the host and producers some HARD questions.

What the person aspires to be is a whole lot more important, and putting your spouse and family above all other issues is very much to the same point.

When I hear you touch on the differences of race and culture it grabs my attention.

Then, my prayers would have to go to other ministries who I feel are purer in aim and goal.

A compilation of six short documentaries each with a variety of segments addressing issues in the overall theme of each film. Video/C 9396 Documentary condensed from 1000 hours of filming the bi-racial Wilson Sims family: Karen Wilson, a white woman, Bill Sims, a black man, and their two daughters--daughter Cicily's entrance to college, her semester in Nigeria, and job search, daughter Chaney's first date, Karen Wilson's solitary visit to her mother, and ill health, Bill Simms' visit to his past life, and career struggles, and, 25 years after their first meeting, Karen and Bill's deciding to attend her high school reunion to face people who have ostracized them in the past. We’ve since moved to the suburban Detroit area and are busy raising our family. Sincerely, Andrew Isble——————I don’t know if you heard the “Black Bill O’rielly”show today but I tried my best to stick up for what’s right. Black, white, latin, asian, native, or other, we are American. Before I met her, my prayer was that God bring me the best potential wife and most Godly woman that he could find that would be that very best help-mate possible for me as the scriptures proclaim a wife should be. An army of nay-sayers couldn’t convince me other wise.Typically, my words were twisted and the larger content of my message was ignored. I have all the proof from God on this that I feel I need. As a believer, I don’t want those who share my faith in Christ and who are supposed to be shepherding me focusing harder on my skin than on my soul.Personality and everything else on the inside that is good in us comes from God (as I know you already know as a Pastor).I wish you all the best in your ministry, brother (as long as you don’t target marriages like mine in a negative manner).Perhaps you have done this already and I have missed it, but I would really like to see you do a feature on race and culture and their individual influences on relationships.

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