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He decided to stay away from her in metro and watch her enjoy with strangers in metro.

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The big change happened when Nupur who was working in gurgaon earlier got a good offer in Job to work for a Recruitment firm as PS for the Director.I glanced at the other passengers and there was no sign of any issue and I again started watching the act.I was now getting hard in my pants by seeing my wife enjoying a stranger in public metro and that too before my eyes.The man was now pretty encouraged and through the saree was now feeling the outline of her pussy and would have been surprised with no panty inside would have gave him a jerk in his pants.Nupur messaged me his acts and I replied back to open her legs wide to give more access to this man and let him do whatever her wants.I immediately messaged Nupur to start co-operating with this guy and I want to see her act as full slut.

On getting a green signal from my side, Nupur was now more confident and decided to enjoy to the fullest.Soon she felt something brush against her bottom and she immediately felt like that this man had started his move and soon after few seconds he brushed his hands couple of more times and then casually lets his hand lightly rest on her saree, soon his hand slowly move and caressed her buttocks.After few minutes the man gradually became bolder and he was now slowly and more firmly caressing her bottom and sensing her Nervousness and dilemma and lack of resistance from her part began to cup her buttocks.I soon noticed a middle age man of around 45 years placed himself in the back of Nupur, he was not wearing good clothes and was looking like a helper working in some store or factory.I immediately messaged Nupur to check that man and she immediately turned around to see that man; she was not comfortable as guy was middle age and did not smell so good and messaged back to me to look for some other man.I don’t want any time wastage as it’s only a 40 minute journey and messaged back Nupur that this man is in good position and she needs to enjoy with men of all ages and status, it doesn’t matter if man is even a low class worker, she needs to co-operate with him and she has to fulfill his hubby desire.

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