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Sourced from Nina Czegledy, "Media Art: The Hungarian Model", CIAC 12, c2000.

In the seventies, the slowly slackening political structure and the expanding borders contributed to an opening towards new artistic expressions.

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At the Academy of Fine Art changes came about by pressure from the students in the summer of 1990.

As a result of the student's initiatives, the Academy invited 15 new teachers and simultaneously established two new faculties, one of them the Intermedia department survived and is flourishing to this day.

Several fine arts students became involved and worked enthusiastically in Intermedia The first graduating class was very strong and the hyperactivity of those early years sustained the department over the last decade.

Gábor Altorjay [27], György Galántai [28], Tibor Hajas [29], Tamás St.

Art video production started in the early eighties in the BBS Studio.

At this time here has been no foreshadowing of the communication revolution or networking practices.

Infermental, Body's annually edited international video series was widely hailed as "the art magazine" of the eighties.

Collecting and collating the work of people working in remote global locations, uniquely bridged the information gap till the new communication forms appeared.

Teljes Film Leírás Filmes tanulók egy csoportja úgy dönt, hogy befejezi egy korábban félbehagyott horrorfilm gyártását.