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Following MANY requests, we are now hosting this seminar about medical device software development.We will start the day dis-cussing the content of the most commonly used standard for developing medical device software: In the afternoon we will focus on outsourcing and third-party soft-ware components.

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It is possible to use your Health Insurance Card as a library card, or if you prefer, to get issued an individual library card.

Your parent or guardian will be asked to sign a form before issuing the card.

Your parent or guardian will be responsible for all items borrowed on your card and for any charges you incur.

Please note, that some of the digital library services, for instance e, are only for use, if you reside in that particular municipality the library belongs to.

If you are less than 15 years old, you will be issued a membership card or you can use your Health Insurance Card as a library card.

The library sends reminders at around the end of the loan period via email or SMS as an extra service.

These reminders are sent to borrowers who have supplied their email address or mobile phone number at enrolment.

You can apply every year for a reduction in the school fees.

If you want to apply for a reduction in school fees for the next academic school year, the application form must be filled out and returned together with the annual income overview from SKAT (årsopgørelse) for the calendar year preceding the school year by 31st August.

Software development is considerably more complex when the software is regulated as a medical device!

Hear experts discuss the software development process; how to outsource software development; the use of tools and strategies to verify and validate.

Please contact your “Kommune” and ask for a form to apply for “Fritvalgsordningen”.