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The province is stressing the importance of simple prevention steps and early reporting of symptoms.An online video is available that teaches children how to prevent tick contact and what to look for.

Keep swing sets and other play equipment away from wooded areas.

An envelope with cash is passed over to the tipster.

Continuing Care Assistant Ann Mc Gettigan was the victim of sexual assault by a client during a home visit.

The amount of the award (-00) is determined by our volunteers.

Through the police coordinator’s office, arrangements are made for the tipster to meet a volunteer in a very public place during daylight hours.

When you’re out in treed or forested areas, wear light-coloured long pants and long sleeved, tucked-in shirts, shoes with socks.

Use tick-repelling insect repellent and pay close attention to usage and age directions.

She felt unprotected by her employer, but her Nova Scotia Human RIghts complaint was dismissed before it reached the tribunal stage.

Now Ann is taking the Human Rights Commission to court.

Ticks need to be attached for about 24 hours in order to transmit the bacteria once it’s filled with blood, Holmes said.

In 50 to 70 per cent of instances, early symptoms of Lyme disease include a classic bull’s-eye target rash.

We give the tipster a description of the person paying him or her.