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Stock chevy manifolds and "custom exhaust"Custom engine and trans mounts. I hate to say it and I've fought it with myself for a ford bronco.6.0 L's cast iron, 4l80 trans and adapt ford bronco manual transfer case. Persoannly, I would rather start with a good alooy headed 5.8 and adapt the chev electronics to that, rather than go to all the trouble to run a chev ls set-up (or just buy a Blazer/Escalade/Fugly-lanche and have it all there to start with AND 4 doors as well). LS swaps are all the rage right now is true, they can be had everywhere. I'm far from an engine guy but if you need one or 2 ill steer you to the guys who have build engines for all the big names. They started there own gigs after speed-o-motive went under.

And I’d still build a Windsor for an 80 up and 335-series from there down. For Mike, I get that you can do a ton of the work yourself, thus making it much more viable. And how fast (rpm) can you spin all the stock stuff?Even in Kamifornia its not that difficult to make one pass the CARB inspection.For the OP i think I would ditch the Bronco's BW t-case and just run a Chevy Np241 its equally just as strong, and tons of parts available for it.Hang-drying begins the process of curing, because the moisture in the stalks and stems infuses your buds, creating a slower marijuana drying and curing process that results in smoother-burning buds. I hate to say it and I've fought it with myself for a ford bronco.6.0 L's cast iron, 4l80 trans and adapt ford bronco manual transfer case. I have done a couple and am 3/4 the way threw the swap on my 82 Jeep fullsize truck. If you live in an area that is loose on the emissions, its a no brainer.Many marijuana growers do everything right in their grow op… But harvesting isn’t the last thing you do with your season.

Marijuana drying and curing comes after harvest, and can improve your buds, or wreck them. Do you cut the entire marijuana plant and hang it to dry, or manicure the buds off it and put them in racks or trays to dry?I tend to agree with most of what is posted & I started looking at the LS stuff after figuring out how much $ it would cost in machine work (let alone the parts cost) to get the 5.8L cleaned up & set up as a 393 stroker. So then I was thinking a stock bottom end with heads and a can and a turbo charger. Had this conversation on another forum a week or 2 ago so forgive me if I get a little annoyed with the same old rebuttals.I figured for less money I can grab a low mileage lq4 or lq9 out of a wreck, and keep the 4l80e and t-case behind it and have about the same amount of power. My response to the "boring" thought is: I wouldn't be doing this to be "cool" and "different".My reason is simple I can get everything and then some that the LS can deliver and I still have a Ford rather then a hermaphrodite. That being said, if you arent mechanically & fabrication skills oriented...“For me” there is the simple fact that I have never picked up a used OEM engine and dropped it into an otherwise built rig and been satisfied with the result. here are some things to keep in mind: What is the labor going to be for the install? How much custom work vs items you can purchase for the install are required?If I were putting this in a bronco that was to be street driven & CARB legal I might change my tune, but I'm smarter than dealing with the smog nazi BS anymore so I like the swap idea. If you want to be different you go and put that Yugo motor in.