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"This is by definition a social thing," Stuart Vyse says.He's a psychology professor at Connecticut College and wrote about these beliefs in .

Spirit communication has been practiced for as long as humankind can recall."It's almost a developmental passage for some kids, to deal with things that are scary." So is Charlie Charlie the downfall of teenagers and Western civilization? "If they're doing it to affiliate and have fun, it's not a problem." Superstitions can be harmful if people rely on them to the point of obsession — but they can also be a fun way to pass a few idle moments in class. (Ullstein Bild/Getty Images) The social media fizz around Charlie Charlie makes it seem like a modern phenomenon, but it's timeless.Robert Murch is chairman of the Talking Board Historical Society, which uncovers and celebrates the many ways people have tried to contact the spirit world, from Ouija to other talking boards few people have ever heard of.Donald Saucier, a psychology professor at Kansas State University, agrees that the social element of Charlie Charlie is key to its appeal. It stands to reason they'd be more prone to superstition." Of course, beyond that specific teenage desire, there's a deeper appeal to superstitions like Charlie Charlie. "Some people might feel less pressure if a superstition is influencing their lives." Vyse notes that rather than being a source of real fear, there's something electrifying about playing the game."It has the thrill of newness with it, as well as the thrill of fear," he says.The pastime has since gone viral over social media, as people film themselves asking 'Charlie' whether he's there to hurt or kill them, and then uploading their terrified reactions to You Tube marked with the hashtag #charliecharliechallenge.

In the case of this spirit-summoning game, it could be that players expect a certain result and their actions during the game help bring it about - or instance, a well-timed breath or a subtle wave of the hand which would topple the precariously-balanced pencil.'It's a craze that has gone too far...Charlie Charlie is a new teenage craze that's somewhere between a Ouija board and cootie catcher.It's gone viral with the hashtag-friendly name #Charlie Charlie Challenge.It speaks intensely to our need as humans to understand the unknown and it is a practice that points to the reassuring concept that there is a life that exists outside of our dimension, that we have the ability to communicate with it and that we as humans do survive our own mortal death. How is it evolving in today’s culture, and what makes it so different from any other type of divination tool out there?Enter the Ouija Board, one of the most infamous tools of spiritual communication that exists today. The Ouija Board’s history has been discussed in several podcasts and blogs, but we owe it to the reader to give a quick reference on how this board of “evil” got started, to help further the narrative along.To find the answers, I consulted experts on the psychology of superstition and the Ouija board.

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