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On the Miami bar scene, he’s known for his culinary and creative approach to bartending.One of his favorite inventions is a unique beet-infused gin cocktail he calls the “Beet Me in St.

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I’m averaging about three pages an hour because I’m constantly testing ideas against my mental palate — a remarkable pleasure.” “Cooking the Books with Ellen Clark.“I really wanted to encompass our relationship in a glass,” he says.To make the infused gin, Phillips skinned and chopped fresh red beets and put them in a jar with the gin for three days.“Then I had this beautiful beet gin and no idea really what to do with it,” he says. “[It’s] essentially a cookbook that lists all of the flavor pairings of different ingredients and how they go together,” he says. It just kind of coats your entire mouth with happiness and all the way down.While paging through the book, Phillips discovered that beets go well with honey, ginger, lemon juice and tarragon, so he set to work on a cocktail that used those flavors. “I went home that night and I made it for my fiance,” he says. It’s just beautiful.” “I got [Page and Dornenburg’s] WHAT TO DRINK WITH WHAT YOU EAT as a gift last month, devoured it, and immediately ordered THE [FLAVOR] BIBLE. The book is a treasure trove of information for advanced cooks who want to think about flavor pairings that are both ordinary and extraordinary….It will “leave you feeling completely satisfied and better about your life than the second you sat down at my bar,” he says.

Phillips tends bar at the Social Club at the Surfcomber Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla.In their introductory chapter, they explain the formula: Flavor = taste (what is perceived by the taste buds) mouthfeel (what is perceived by the rest of the mouth) aroma (what is perceived by the nose) ‘the X Factor’ (what is perceived by the other senses, plus the heart, mind, and spirit).Then they break the formula down further into individual components (sweet, sour, temperature, piquancy, pungency, etc.), flavor affinities, function, seasonality of ingredients, and — just as important — the essence of the moment (‘Why do you need or want to cook in the first place?But when you are home, you realize — you have no idea what to do with them. What you’ll find is a list of other foods that go particularly well with ramps: asparagus, bacon, butter, carrots, chicken, chives, cream, cured meats, etc. Few food books in recent memory have excited me as much as this one — perhaps because it really isn’t a cookbook at all.Some of the foods are in bold, meaning they go particularly well with ramps: Parmesan cheese, pasta, new potatoes. Instead of prescribed, carefully measured recipes, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg give us an insight into the minds of ‘America’s most imaginative chefs’ to inspire the reader to create new dishes based on imaginative and harmonious flavor.You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.” “Since we bought [THE FLAVOR BIBLE], back in October, I’m pretty sure it has been opened every single day. Before I met Danny, I would have looked at this book and put it away.

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