Monster high draculaura y valentin online dating

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Monster high draculaura y valentin online dating

Like most of his siblings, he has clear goals for his career after the school.He wants to go into sports medicine and though he has a busy schedule daily, he knows to prioritize getting the grades needed for that.

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She was raised by her doting father, Dracula, and he could be totes strict, but they always had fun – especially when he taught her how to fly – and she maintained cheerful outlook on unlife.Clawd's profile states that "a pack leader can't play favorites", and lists all of the Monster High students as friends.He states that he considers Draculaura to be a friend, and later, begins dating her. He also was childhood friends with Romulus, the werewolf and they spent a lot of time together in Fright On! He also is shown to be friends with Deuce Gorgon, hanging out with him on several occasions in the cartoon, and Heath Burns, who also plays on the track team with the two.Draculaura loved her father, but really wanted friends her own age.Well, not HER age – she is 1,599 years old after all – but friends who were, umm, age-adjacent. In the Monster High books, he has six older siblings not counting Clawdeen, so seven counting Clawdeen.

In the books, Clawd is the very oldest with Clawdeen being the very second oldest.Clawd is tall and physically fit, since he plays on the football, casketball and track teams.He has a piercing in his left ear, and has long sideburns and golden eyes like his sisters and furry.Fynsy has a great collection of Monster High games!There are Clawdeen Wolf games, Cleo de Nile games, Draculaura games, Frankie Stein games, Ghoulia Yelps games, Lagoona Blue games and many other games with students of Monster High School.So she talked her scholarly father into opening a school for other monsters.

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