Mountain dating website

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Mountain dating website

Many full-time residents fled the bright lights and big cities for a simpler life in the mountains—though they’ll head off to explore faraway locales a couple of times a year, adding to Aspen’s cosmopolitan aura when they return.Education is a barometer—61.7 percent possess bachelor’s degrees, appreciably above the Colorado state average of 37 percent.

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Almost every woman from ski meccas spanning Durango to Breckenridge has at one point uttered the expression, “The odds are good, but the goods are odd”; guys respond, “You don’t lose your girlfriend, you lose your turn.” Aspen, of course, is in a class all its own.“Life here can be great if you find the person you adore.But the second you walk out the door without that other person, you’re in this town where everybody’s on vacation or ready to make a move and have fun.There’s some sort of ideal in Aspen for gentlemen who prefer that type. That’s discouraging.” She does admit that there seem to be a lot of cute dudes from which to choose. ) But it’s not quite the mountain-hunk HQ we assume.As it turns out, Aspen’s advantageous male-to-female ratio is grossly exaggerated.“There’s a lot of competition,” says a thirty-four-year-old real estate agent who describes herself as an athletic brunette.

“There are more opportunities for women who are anorexic workout maniacs with lots of plastic surgery and peroxided hair.

What Aspenites might lack in maturity, however, they more than make up for in fearlessness—whether hucking cliffs or inviting themselves over to spend the night—occasionally at the expense of decency.

We are driven by pursuit of the extreme, be it skiing, cycling, mountaineering, or chasing luxury and wealth.

Dating Essentials LOCAL'S CORNERYes, the Shell Station, a.k.a Local’s Corner, the gas station at Main Street and Galena, can be a dating lifesaver.

Breath mints, water, hot dogs, peanut M&M’s, condoms—all available twenty-four hours a day.

Rarely am I without rose-tinted goggles, and though a social butterfly by nature, I’m a lone wolf at heart. Venturing out at night here can seem like stepping into a low-carb beer commercial.

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