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This part of the operation was the only smelly part of the whole plant.

The water is now "clean" and can be used in agriculture but, here in Torrevieja there is one more process not normally used in most purification plants.Comarth started building 2 seater sports/race cars six years ago.Looking a bit like a Lotus Elise these rear engined, Ford powered cars were hand built, had a coupe style fibre-glass body were very Light and cost about 36,000 Euro. The first, called the S1 was later superseded by the Xtamy r.Torrevieja's water treatment plant was built over thirty years ago and has since twice been modernised and expanded to take care of the ever increasing population of the town.After introductions and a slide show depicting the facts and theory of the plant it was time to see the practical operation. Freewheelers Christmas Outing Meeting at the Champions bar in Benimar for the start of their Christmas lunch the Freewheelers were greeted with the option of a hot mince pie and a glass of gluh wine (or tea or coffee) for just 1 euro plus a free slice of Marzipan Stollent, a German specialty at Christmas to get the celebrations started.

After meeting and greeting friends old a new and being introduced to some first-timers the group motored sedately down to La Marina and el Castello for a three course lunch with drinks included and as usual the wine flowed freely. All too soon, with the sun disappearing below the treetops it was time to head home and reminisce on another Freewheelers day out. Me neither, but now, thanks to Richard, over 40 Freewheelers are a lot wiser.

On arrival at the San Remo there was a champagne reception (well, Cava really) before we were led to our half of the large dining room which was partitioned off from an equally large Spanish party.

Once seated we were quickly and efficiently served with our selection of the three choices of the three courses available which was occasionally interrupted with loud renderings of Jingle Bells to combat the crowd next door who were having an equally good time, well nearly.

It is claimed that this water is safe enough to drink and in some cases safer than normal tap water.

The only thing that seems to stop water of this nature being introduced to drinking water anywhere in the world is the thought of where it originally comes from.

A very joyous occasion and you would have been hard pressed to recognise the newcomers from the old hands as Freewheeling is such a relaxed way of life.