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Prison break s2e1 online dating - dating website for hiv positive people

The prison scene with Lucious and Frank brought me back to those times.The Empire is yet another reason why the true essence of Hip Hop continues to become less relevant in our culture.

Make us work for the scenes by building it up, too much is thrown the audience way, as to say, "hey we got a little something for everyone", because no one is getting enough. Obviously we all know why and 90 % of the ratings on this board that are positive is from Afro American viewers.

The first Season it took me a few episodes to get into but i don't know.. I can say it i just dont have that OH MY I NEED TO WATCH NEXT WEEKS RIGHT NOW kind of feeling.

Do you know the feelings you get as a kid watching your favorite anime or scarface, you start to feel inspired, you feel powerful like you could potentially rule the world if you were in their position.

Might get ridiculous at times-this girl sleeps with this guys brother, brother kills him, son hates him so he sleeps with his mother.

Typical chick flick- but does its job as a drama series well.

It's about how this pretty disfuctional family can work through all that it's bad and still be strong as one at the end of the day.

You won't see a happy family for sure but I bet Lucious or Cookie or Hakeem, Andre or Jamal will put their can't wait for season 3...The list is numerous with The Americans, Tyrant, Homeland, Penny Dreadful, Masters Of Sex, Davinci Demons, Banshee, The Knick, Shameless, The Leftovers, Masters Of Sex and Ray Donovan.All great shows and all have one thing in common which is they are all cable shows.There's A LOT of drama, yes, and even if you're not a drama lover, once you fall in love with the show you will handle and get it.This show is about family, about love, about music!7/10 A little over the top and frankly too dramatic, even for a drama... I think Empire is really underrated, but I don't really understand why. The topic is good, pilot is good and I'm surprised that music used in the show could be real hit in real life, they are also pretty good.

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