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Tuning can be accessed whilst in free roam and allows for fine-tuning of a vehicle's performance or driving characteristics.The available selection of tuning options differs between car classes with some offering specific tuning sliders.

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The name of the 2017 game was revealed on June 2, 2017 with a trailer showcasing the location, high-concept of the plot, and multiple vehicles that will appear in the game.Street Leagues are events against unique street racing crews across Fortune Valley.Each has their own skill level, racing discipline, style, and crew boss.Each Heat Level will introduce additional police presence, apprehension tactics, and equipment such as roadblocks, spikestrips, helicopters, and Rhino units.Cars are categorised into a specific car class depending on the dealership they are purchased from.Each contains a selection of performance parts or vanity items that can be equipped to cars.

Police will intervene and pursue the player through a series of Heat Levels.

Offering a risk and reward design, earning rep goes towards rewards with long strings of driving maneuvers offering multipliers called Heaters.

Challenges also offer opportunities to earn bank, but also raise the stakes in races.

Parts available can be equipped to vehicles through the garage, but parts have to be unlocked by reaching certain milestones and the amount of available parts differs between vehicles.

Performance Parts can be equipped to improve the performance level and ratings of a vehicle, but some upgrades can be chosen over others to push a vehicle towards a specific setup or set of driving requirements.

Players take on the role of three characters across the single player campaign; Each have their own quests towards bringing down The House.

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    She homeschooled her own children and made her living speaking and writing about motherhood and home education.