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Coming in well despite the co-channel DRM from Germany.Their station website is but the on-air announcements give Radio Saturday 12 April 2008 MW RSL - Radio Rockingham is on-air on 1602 k Hz for the BTCC racing weekend at the Rockingham Raceway Circuit just west of Corby this weekend.

00.15 1386 G Carillon Radio back to back music with jingles/IDs weak MH compilation of four Carillon jingles/IDs 01.03 1386 G Anker R, Nuneaton Anker Radio Weather Forecast, wx weak MH "Broadcasting to the George Eliot Hospital, this is Anker Radio" Anker Radio ID 01.20 6005 CHN China R Int'l News, music, talk, weather weak MH 01.30 6020 CHN China R Int'l Feature programme good MH 01.35 6085 RUS R Rossii many IDs fair MH 01.56 6120 IRN VOIRI News abt US Primaries //7160 fair MH 02.00 6200 CZE R Prague News, Czech tennis, weather, Mailbox good MH 02.05 6973 ISR Galei Zahal YL Presenter, EG and Heb songs good MH 09.48 1278 G Insanity, Egham Breakfast show, news at 10.01 fair MH Insanity Radio LONG clip 10.12 1386 G Blast 1386, Reading talk about Suffragettes, jingle, pop weak MH 10.39 1386 G Carillon R presenter giving address, phone no weak MH Carillon Radio 00.00 1386 IRL Energy Power AM, Dublin pop, ID at 00.01 good MH "Music from the 1960s to today, this is Energy Power AM" Energy Power AM 00.22 870 USA WWL New Orleans LA adverts weak MH 00.25 600 CAN CBNA St Anthony NL CBC talk about music composition fair MH 00.55 1030 USA WBZ Boston MA promo "Voice of the Bruins" fair MH 01.00 1320 CAN CKEC New Glasgow NS ice hockey comm "94.1 East Coast FM" fair MH 01.08 640 CAN CBN St Johns NL "Chapel of Love" oldie //600 fair MH 02.03 580 CAN CFRA Ottawa ON sport nx, "CFRA News Time 9.05", promos fair MH 02.10 1080 USA WTIC Hartford CT talk over/under Euro's fair MH 02.15 1700 USA KVNS Brownsville TX Silverado's basketball 1st half weak MH 21.10 1386 LTU China R Int'l (Sitkunai) News abt space shuttle, world weather fair MH 21.20 1170 G Swansea Sound adverts, ID, male voice choir good MH 22.00 1170 G Magic 1170 Oldies, ID, News fair MH 22.04 1107 G Moray Firth Radio Arthur's theme, ID, foggy in Inverness good MH 22.07 1070 CAN CBA Moncton NB CBC weak MH 00.02 1520 USA WWKB Buffalo NY adverts, news fair MH 00.03 1510 USA WWZN Boston MA adverts, Radio Shack, USPS, jingle Ice Hockey comm (Terriers) good MH 00.06 1500 USA WWWT Washington DC Ice Hockey (Hurricanes) fair MH 00.07 1440 USA W--- unid talk poor MH 00.09 1140 CAN CBI Sydney NS CBC talk fair MH 00.10 1130 USA WBBR New York NY talk poor MH 00.12 1540 CAN CHIN Toronto ON YL in Chinese poor MH 00.20 1390 USA WEGP Presque Isle ME advs, snowmobile festival?Friday 15 February 2008 MW - Vatican Radio on 1530 k Hz noted much earlier than their normally scheduled 0330 start with Spanish at 0100, then French at 0230. As I was recording that channel overnight, trying to hear Celtic Music Radio, it didn't help.01.00 1530 CVA Vatican R Int sig into Spanish prgm fair MH 21.00 1449 G BBC R4, Redmoss Radio 4 News fair MH 22.01 1386 G Carillon R ID voiced over Man of Action weak MH 22.20 6265 LTU The Mighty KBC Wolfman Jack show, adverts, IDs good MH The Mighty KBC clip 23.00 6300 ALG R Nacional RASD IDs in Arabic and Spanish fair MH RASD ID 00.04 1287 E R Lleida adverts, promo, YL ID good MH "Radio Lleida 1287 onda media" Radio Lleida ID 10.00 1575 G Stoke Mandeville Hosp' R Morning Call, idents, What's On Guide weak MH Stoke Mandeville audio clips (4 mins) 19.40 1431 D Voice of Russia GG px, .59 anthem, .00 "Golos Rossii" fair MH 21.00 1386 LTU China R Int'l News and Reports.CHWO ID/promo Tuesday 5 February 2008 SW - Looked through the 49mb for off-channel stations.Found an unstable signal from Iran which spent most of the time on 6066.6 but jumped around every so often (jump not drift).23.00 OM ID in Spanish music & interviews with journalist from Belgium 23.29 end of Spanish prgm and sign off good MH SADR end of Spanish programme.

6250.45 KRE Pyongyang BS classical music, OM in Korean weak MH 6230 TWN WYFR via Bau Jong music, YL in Chinese until weak MH 6225 MDA DW via Kishinev YL with news, weather (in German) good MH 6260 UZB The Voice Asia music, OM with address(es), phone no's poor MH 6240 TWN WYFR via Baujong YL in Chinese, Int Sig, ID, Chinese poor MH woman talking, music, Int Sig, ID in Chinese 6280 TWN WYFR via Tanshui OM in English, Bible Study, mx to 1600 poor MH end of English hour, familyradio ID, carol and Int Sig 6297.14 NR of SADR .01 station ID in Arabic by YL and OM .02 music programme in Spanish incl Eagles .25 sign-off fair MH SADR 2300-2303 IDs and music. Monday 20 December 2010 Memories - Atlantic 252 opening at 8am on 1 September 1989 recorded using the Drake R7A in sync-AM with a very wide filter.00.00 1700 USA WJCC Miami Springs FL "This is WJCC 17 hundred AM" weak MH 01.00 1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ ID after time pip "16-60 AM WRRU Jersey City New York City" fair MH 02.00 1660 USA WRRU Jersey City NJ "This is multicultural radio broadcasting WWRU Jersey City New York City 16-60 AM WWRU" fair MH 06.05 610 CUB CM-- R Rebelde music, songs //5025 k Hz fair MH 06.30 590 CAN VOCM St Johns NL ID "You're listening to 5-90 VOCM St Johns a station of Steele Communications a division of New Cap Radio Inc VOCM Depend on it" fair MH 00.00 1660 USA WWRU Jersey City NJ This is multi-cultural .. AM WRRU fair MH 00.55 1620 UVI WDHP Frederikstad music, WDHP ID at 01.02 weak MH 02.00 1690 USA WPTX Lexington Park MD "You're listening to News Talk 16-90 AM WPTX Lexington Park" weak MH WPTX audio clip 02.12 1650 CAN CJRS Montreal QC Promo for their Kol Israel nxcasts on Radio Shalom 16-50 AM fair MH R Shalom audio clip (short) R Shalom audio clip (long) 02.15 1650 USA ?WHKT Portsmouth VA many espn radio references weak MH 02.47 1700 USA WEUP Hunsville AL Gospel music, "WEUP" drop in ID fair MH 03.00 1660 USA WFNA Charlotte NC espn NBA comm, local ID at 03.02 weak MH 03.15 1520 USA WWKB Buffalo NY OM ID fair MH 03.59 1640 USA WTNI Biloxi MS lots of espn radio promos.1188 k Hz was supposed to close down too, but appears to still be on the air.Saturday 29 March 2008 MW - R Littoral on 1593 k Hz broadcast overnight in standard AM modulation despite announcing DRM with a mixture of music (French pop and Breton folk) with English and French IDs.It picks up the Gurkha station from Sandhurst on 1134 k Hz very nicely, whereas the NW and NNW aerials yield L&D Hospital Radio.

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