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Women are also legally banned from being firefighters in Russia. S., by contrast, has 8,500 female firefighters and seems to be getting on quite nicely, thank you — while Russia has one of the most appalling rates of fatality by fire on the planet.The list of forbidden jobs goes on, and on, and includes: steelworkers, freight handlers, slaughterhouse workers, oil riggers and divers.

Obama already made that mistake last summer when, on the eve of the summit with Medvedev, he made a sharp remark that Putin has “one foot in the old [Cold War] ways of doing business.” For the reset in U.S.-Russian arms control agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, that expired on Dec. But this was not the first time that Putin has thrown cold water on Medvedev’s efforts.In June, Putin stunned Medvedev and leaders in the West by announcing a change in Russia’s approach to pursuing membership in the World Trade Organization just when everyone thought that Russia was about to cross the WTO finish line.During his eight years as president, Putin failed to achieve membership in the WTO, while it appeared that Medvedev was close to reaching that goal at the start of his second year in office.Similarly, signing an arms control agreement with the United States would have marked another accomplishment for Medvedev and an early milestone in the “reset” in U. It seemed that Putin feared that Medvedev could show him up in one of the most important areas in global affairs — nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation.Is Putin weighing in on the hopes of exacting last-minute compromises from the United States, assuming that Obama is desperate to get an agreement signed and might be willing to make key concessions to Russia? State Department responded correctly to Putin’s year-end salvo in Vladivostok by flatly rejecting a link between post-START negotiations and missile defense.

Perhaps Putin is intent on blocking the reset in bilateral relations because he needs to maintain the image of the United States as a “threat” to Russia to justify his autocratic vertical power structure. Maintaining a firm stand against provocations and bullying from Putin is exactly the right response.

Putin’s announcement came as a complete surprise to everyone, including those in his own government, and derailed a deal that finally had seemed to be within reach of Russia after many years of trying.

Moreover, Putin had the temerity to blame the United States for blocking Russia’s WTO membership when he himself is responsible.

Russia’s attitude towards homosexuals and blacks, of course, is equally barbaric, if not worse.

To be fair, Russian women themselves contribute mightily to this problem.

EDITORIAL Russia, Nation of Pigs Russian women who drive subway trains don’t dare dream of the day when they might be allowed to sue their employer for sexual harassment or gender discrimination in terms of their working conditions or pay.