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"It seems like most people who work in a protect and serve kind of job are this way.

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I love that because one social worker was pimping out strippers, this means they all do it..Lord.

Your original post talks about social workers that you have go on to talk about dealing with them in a legal setting, pick one and stick with it.

It's obvious you dislike them, so be honest about where you're coming from.

And yes there ARE bad ones just like there are in every profession -- only the bad ones get all the attention This thread is absolutely rediculous!

The OP is stereotyping all social workers as cheaters because he has had a bad experience. and if the OP is having problems with social workers, maybe it is him and not them. It kind of sounds like a person that is fired from 3 jobs in a row and it is never his fault.

To the OP: obviously, you haven't had great experiences, but painting all (oops, sorry, I see that you keep correcting people..only say 90%) with the same brush is ridiculous.

I hate to break it to you, but exotic dancers also have the potential to be what you describe in social workers.) Thank you for writing what I was thinking..strippers are great if you've got some money in your pocket..are hookers.It's like women that always end up with men who abuse them...after a while, they have to start asking "what is it about me that attracts these types?As for this: Therefore they end up with people who are needy takers who need to change!You are attracting only the most optimistic and resilient individuals, probably because they're the only ones who will put up with you (well, strippers will too if you have the cash!Perhaps they were taking advantage of yourself being gulible at the time, again unprofessional.