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It was like a secret reunion, the perfect club, in the perfect city at the right moment.

Buraca is however mostly known for the high number of African emigrants and a high crime rate.Pitchfork couldn't have said it better "Black Diamond is one of the fiercest dance records in recent memory." Buraka Som Sistema's live reputation continued to grow as Black Diamond's 2009 tour brought the band increased recognition as top performers, with the New York Times and The Guardian raving about the group's stage domination and The Fader considering them “one of the most jaw-droppingly effusive club moments”.Coachella, Bestival, Fuji Rock, Hard Fest LA, Hard Fest NY, I Love Techno, Lowlands Festival or Optimus Alive are just a few examples of where Buraka Som Sistema amazed with their infamous live show.The intention was clear, to re-shift Buraka's sound back to the clubs, with a nasty roaring bass topped by the maddeningly catchy "Ba ba ba" hook.Being on the road solidly for three years transformed Buraka from what was initially a producer's idea into a fully-fledged band. An album ready to make thousands of people dance in festivals and clubs around the world, it takes the group further on their quest to find their own sound, pushing them away from diminishing labels like "Progressive Kuduro".I Pearl Jam hanno rilasciato l'Holiday Single 2012 per gli iscritti al loro fan club.

Contiene due canzoni tratte dal festival PJ20 del settembre 2011: "In The Moonlight" suonata insieme a Josh Homme dei Queens of the Stone Age (la potete ascoltare qui sotto) e "All Night" eseguita insieme a Glen Hansard, Liam Finn, Joseph Arthur e David Garza (disponibile qui).The first single, Sound Of Kuduro, emerged in early 2008, featuring the Angolan MCs Puto Prata and Saborosa alongside number one fun-girl M. The album was as inclusive as it was fiercely driven and focused, earning them an MTV Europe Award for Best Portuguese Act and a nomination for Best European Act.They captured the world’s imagination by taking one of planet earth’s most exciting and previously underexposed dance phenomena and giving it a new lease of life.This evolution is what keeps them relevant in a music world always looking for the next big thing.More overleaf → They're not trying to impress anyone with the newest synthesizer patch or the new cool BPM of the season.Ultimately this would lead to Komba, an album that’s grown out of the melting pot of beats that Buraka have been amassing over the past 5 years.

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