Updating computer skills

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I enjoy the idea of helping people who cannot afford good quality IT consultants.I found the charities were getting sub-standard service, despite paying a lot of money," she says.

Working from home is good, because organisations are required to pay volunteers' expenses.

An IT volunteer can make unique improvements to organisations with skills most people do not have.

Creating a website, for example, might sound easy for those in the know, but for many charities, even basic IT tasks can seem impossible.

Yewande Olowande from west London has been an IT consultant for 20 years, working for companies such as British Gas.

She has used her skills to help no fewer than six charities.

Since 2004, she has been working with charities such as Age Concern and Time for Families, which provides relationship courses in prisons for offenders and their partners.

"It almost becomes addictive once you realise how big a need there is for your skills.Samsung is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the content herein.Microsoft Word 2010 Basic Skills Checklist Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate Skills Checklist Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced Skills Checklist Microsoft Excel 2010 Basic Skills Checklist Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate Skills Checklist Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced Skills Checklist Microsoft Outlook 2010 Basic Skills Checklist Microsoft Power Point 2010 Basic Skills Checklist Microsoft Power Point 2010 Advanced Intermediate Skills Checklist 1. Prospective employers want you to communicate your Microsoft Office skills clearly 8.The number of opportunities for IT workers to donate their skills to a good cause is growing, with charities crying out for their help.The work Olowandedoes is varied, from teaching people at Age Concern how to research their family tree using the internet, to building databases.

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