Who is shala monroque dating

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But Charles says he felt Monroque deserved the pages of the inspire magazine.“I did not hesitate for a moment putting Shala in INSPIRE,’’ he says.

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Reaction to the article was fierce—and comments online were scathing.She began working as a hostess at Manhattan hotspots Nobu and Kittichai.It was at the latter that she met Gagosian, who has undoubtedly proved a powerful connector for her.Something that has her name on that can last for years to come.Hello everyone 🙂 Shala Monroque is an Editor, Socialite, and Style Icon.“It will be interesting to see if major black publications now follow the lead of and feature her,” says Hudson.

“My hope is she’ll be able to parlay her incredible style into a business deal where she designs her own line of fashion or jewelry and art.“I’m not familiar with her at all,’’ said one editor of a major black lifestyle magazine.“She’s pretty much put herself in white arenas and in the white world.Some readers suggested she had become visible only due to her association with Gagosian, while others implied she was no more than a paid escort for the older businessman.But those controversial sentiments don’t sit well with many in and around the fashion world. She’s the 32-year-old girlfriend of Larry Gagosian, 66, the white-haired art dealer who has assumed the role of demigod.