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Yet for many Africans on the island it is only a staging post for migration to the US.

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“Being a Nigerian is a task and being a Nigerian in Jamaica is a project,” says the president of the Association of Nigerians, Dr Ibrahim Ajagunna.

Jamaicans have talked about going back, one day, to Africa since the days of Marcus Garvey.

But it is Africans, from East, West, and from South Africa, who have come, instead, to Jamaica.

Jamaica, he explains, needs him and other highly educated Africans. “If I was in the UK or the US, I could not make any real contribution,” says Ajagunna who, as a lecturer at the Caribbean Maritime Institute in Kingston, trains young Jamaicans to work in the shipping and nautical industry.

“Here in Jamaica, I can make a contribution to human development.” Jamaicans, he insists, are “gravitating more to Africa now and Africans are gravitating to Jamaica.” There is some truth in this.

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